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RE: Broad Based P2 Vendor Databases

I have found myself using thomas register and commercial vendor info, for example industry magazine annual directories, much more frequently now because it is so hard to keep our own database(s) current. It's just too time consuming with limited resources to keep it current.

Jack Annis, Director
Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center
College of Natural Resources
UW-Stevens Point

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To: David Herb; p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject: Re: Broad Based P2 Vendor Databases

There is a vendor/suppliers database on PNEAC at www.pneac.org.  It is 
obviously focused on the printing industry.  We (WMRC) worked on the 
Vendinfo database for USEPA.  It has not been updated in several years due 
to lack of funding.  Without the ability to update it we have been trying 
to get it removed from the web site.

The larger question is how much value and use do vendor/equipment databases 
have?  It takes a fair amount of work to keep them current.  Use of 
Vendinfo remains fairly strong despite its limitations.  The PNEAC 
directory is very popular.  Yet many of our technical staff use the Thomas 
registry and don't find these databases all that valuable.  Comments?

Gary Miller

At 10:13 AM 2/13/02 -0500, David  Herb wrote:

>Are there other broad based, on-line, vendor databases of P2 equipment
>than those listed below?
>Iowa Waste Reduction Center - P2 vendor database
>Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center - vendor database
>Pollution Prevention Equipment Program (PPEP) database
>US EPA Vendor Information Database (VendInfo)
>Waste Reduction Resource Center - Vendor Library
>(also MnTAP Vendor Equipment & Services fact sheets)

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