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Re: Arsenic in Flexographic Printing


I'll pass your question on to the PrinTech listserv.  Did the company check 
As levels in their incoming water supply?  Some areas have naturally high 


At 08:25 AM 2/13/02 -0800, Tom Barron wrote:
>P2 Tech Members -
>Yesterday I visited a medium size flexographic printer that prints and cuts
>out cardboard boxes.  The press was doing a run of pizza boxes at a rate of
>about 10 per second - fascinating to watch.
>However, our focus during the visit was press washwater that is collected in
>a nearby sump prior to disposal.  Samples of this washwater show an arsenic
>concentration of 0.3 mg/l.
>     Has anyone seen similar arsenic levels?
>     What is the probable source of the arsenic - ink, cardboard, or
>     something else?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Tom Barron
>Civil Engineer
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