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Re: Staples.com

Received following response from Staples.  Not sure that this promotion is real - definitely not well planned, if local stores are responsible.  Before anyone announces this to your business/community, need to coordinate with the local store.

----- Forwarded by John Harley/WSRC/Srs on 02/13/02 12:34 PM -----
"Staples.com" <other@orders.staples.com>

02/13/02 12:10 PM
Please respond to "Staples.com"

        To:        <john.harley@srs.gov>
        Subject:        Re: Staples.com

We appreciate your inquiry concerning this issue, John.

It may be best to try giving your local store a call. They will be able to provide you with more

Thank you for your patience concerning this matter.

Customer Care Representative

e-mail: support@orders.staples.com
phone : 1-800-3STAPLE (1-800-378-2753)
fax   : 1-800-333-3199
online: http://www.staples.com/help/default.asp?zone=contact

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