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any good P2 shows in May?

The Vietnam Ministry of Industry is sending a very high-level delegation to the USA in May to learn about various chemical production technologies, and we have got them interested in P2.  The Vinachem govt chemical company has over 50 subsidiary mftg plants and it is interested in developing a corporate P2 program.  The delegation includes the Vinachem top mgmt.  We would like your suggestions for appropriate visits and conferences or meetings they might attend the week of May 13-17, especially in the WA DC - Boston corridor.  They will be attending the WasteExpo show in Las Vegas the next week so if there is anything going on out west that week they might be interested.  Because they operate somewhat like a large corporation, it would be helpful for them to learn how large US chemical companies are organizing their P2 efforts.  The tour is sponsored by USAID, which also supports US P2 experts to visit Vietnam and other places to follow up on such tours.  Thanks for any suggestions.
Burt Hamner