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RE: Road Kill

Interesting problem.  I don't know of studies on the subject, but do know of
a small plastic device that is placed within the grill of automobiles, so
when the car is in motion, it emits a high pitched sound that alerts
animals.  Of course it would be necessary to "arm" a bunch of vehicles in
the area to do any large scale good, but handicapped and other persons that
absolutely must avoid "roadkill" say it works.....Most people from my home
state (Montana) would rather take the chance and see wildlife, that to ward
them off ....

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Since we know that P2 begins with good data, we need to know more about what
kind of road kill we are dealing with.  I am happy (no, hysterical) to
recommend the very fine naturalist's guide, "Flattened Fauna:  A Field Guide
to Common Animals of Roads, Streets and Highways".  No kidding!  It has lots
of factual and useful information, including pics like ink blots
representing the typical shape of common animals after having been reduced
to two dimensions.  You can order it at

On Amazon.com, the book is listed along with  The Original Road Kill
Cookbook by Buck Peterson.


Burt Hamner

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> I think the only true preventative measure is to slow down traffic.
> In the area of management of the actual corpses, NHDES's fact sheet on the
> subject may be of interest.  See
> http://www.des.state.nh.us/factsheets/sw/sw-20.htm
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> Subject: Road Kill
> I am preparing a pollution prevention plan for a local government to
> satisfy a SEP issued by the US EPA.  The town has been told by the state
> that it must have road kill incinerated.  It does not permit burial and
> state does not let municipal incinerators burn carcasses.  The annual cost
> to the town is in excess of $30,000.  Because the State has lowered
> to the town in this fiscal year due to declining tax revenues, they just
> laid off a dispatcher at the police department.  Savings of this money
> allow them to re-institute this important position.  I know that the
> National Laboratories all have programs to prevent road kill with signage,
> lighting, fencing and other devices.  Is anyone familiar with any studies
> aimed at preventing general road kill?  There is a restaurant at Moosehead
> Lake called the "Road Kill Cafe."  Most of the people that go in there
> buy the tee shirts but do not enjoy eating there!  But then, this is not
> really prevention.
> Any ideas?
> Bob
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