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RE: Chemical handling and hazards training videos

You may not have time for this idea but it may meet the "low-cost" criteria, if the company likes it.
A few years ago a local company create their own training video (wastewater reduction related).  An employee volunteered the use of their video camera and a team comprised of management & employees tackled the job.  The completed video was reported to be an instant in-house hit when used for training.  All the major in-plant personalities were included in the video as well as the actual equipment/in-plant processes/etc.  In addition to addressing water reduction issues, a lot was learned about safety and general waste reduction.  Additionally, it was reported the project created a very good sense of teamwork in the plant which improved communications - a perfect start for continued improvement.

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Does anyone know where I can locate a training video on chemical hazards, storage and handling?The audience will be employees in a medium sized business who work with MEK, trichloroethylene, xylene, among other chemicals.  I am trying to locate a low to no cost video the facility can use for their employee training.
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