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Re: Cold Storage Facilities

I'd be surprised if you  can't find what you need in the 1998 ASHRAE
Refrigeration handbook, description here:
TOC here

each chapter has a contact/author name to ask if the info given is

available in your local engineering library

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Hi all,

I'm hitting a roadblock finding data and I thought someone out in P2tech
land might be able to help.  I'm looking for rough metrics as to energy and
water use for cold storage facilities used to hold fruits, vegetables, and
cut flowers.  I can account for general energy use (lights, HVAC, etc) and
employee water use (sanitary) but not process use (i.e., energy for
refrigeration and water for storage room wash-down).  I need this data to
establish a baseline for a planned facility so we can then evaluate the
cost-effectiveness of P2 options.  Any leads would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Mike Callahan, PE
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