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Environmental & Occupational health

Hi all,

The information I was able to provide regarding the following info request was limited. I am hoping others may have better information. You can respond to Karla directly


or to the listserve and I'll forward any responses to her.

Todd MacFadden

>I am working on a project in NJ that will create a training curriculum that
>integrates occupational and environmental health at companies using an
>Integrated Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
>We are struggling with the issue of job security and its relationship to
>P2 and
>how to incorporate this issue into the training module to ensure worker buy-in
>to the program. Do you cover any of this in any of the TURA
>training? Do you
>know of any programs or articles addressing this issue?
>I know OCAW has a couple of "activities" in their HazWaste manual - but I
>to check with you to see if you guys do anything like this.
>Karla Armenti
>(603) 472-8721

Todd MacFadden
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