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What about a campaign to get each state or the Federal government to set up
a "Don't Mail" list similar to the "Don't Call" list(s) many states
currently have to reduce unsolicited telemarketing calls?

I know the Florida list has significantly reduced the telemarketing calls I
now get since I  put my number on the list.  Maybe the state P2
organizations can spearhead this effort with their corresponding legislators
and Governors.

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Now that I have you all warmed up with the "road kill," what this town
REALLY wants to PREVENT is junk mail.  They are not so interested in
recycling it.  I know there are some good techniques that have been
developed to have a project team contact outside interests to stop much of
the mail from being delivered in the first place.  There are techniques to
get people to share things like catalogs and magazines.  They showed me
examples of items sent to people that no longer work there and many
duplicate items.  Then there is the written SPAM.

The suggestions you send might be a good project for ALL of us on P2TECH to
use to practice P2 in our own offices!


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