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The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance recently undertook a campaign for preventing junk mail.  We have a web page filled with ideas for both businesses and residences and my personal experience has been that they do work - I get almost no junk mail at home anymore.

To learn more about how you and others can "reduce the hail of junk mail," visit: http://www.moea.state.mn.us/campaign/junkmail/index.html

If you have questions about our junk mail campaign, please contact Colleen Hetzel at 651-215-0203 or 800-657-3843 or by email at colleen.hetzel@moea.state.mn.us


Mark Snyder
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

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> Subject: 	PREVENTING Junk Mail
> Now that I have you all warmed up with the "road kill," what this town 
> REALLY wants to PREVENT is junk mail.  They are not so interested in 
> recycling it.  I know there are some good techniques that have been 
> developed to have a project team contact outside interests to stop much of 
> the mail from being delivered in the first place.  There are techniques to 
> get people to share things like catalogs and magazines.  They showed me 
> examples of items sent to people that no longer work there and many 
> duplicate items.  Then there is the written SPAM.
> The suggestions you send might be a good project for ALL of us on P2TECH to 
> use to practice P2 in our own offices!
> Bob
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