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Fwd: [GreenYes] Recycled Paper Update

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 20:42:45 -0800
>From: "susankinsella.com" <seek@susankinsella.com>
>Conservatree and the Alliance for Environmental Innovation did a study of
>recycled paper capacity over the past several months. We found enormous 
>unused capacity for making high grade postconsumer recycled fiber, but 
>such little demand for finished recycled printing and writing paper that 
>some recycling mills are shutting down and others are cutting back 
>drastically on some long-popular papers. It's clear that purchasers need 
>to significantly drive up the market share for recycled papers now or we 
>risk losing the infrastructure. Our article, first printed in Resource 
>Recycling magazine, is at 
>If the market for recycled paper remains so small (well over 90% of 
>printing and office papers sold in the U.S. and Canada are still 100% 
>virgin content), I think we can't expect to see a lot of higher postconsumer
>content papers or a much wider range of other types of environmental 
>papers, which still need significant R&D and investments. If the market 
>for papers with the environmental attributes available now is proven to be 
>so minimal, why would manufacturers make those investments?
>However, I can't believe that interest in recycled papers truly is so
>dismal. I suspect that most people aren't aware that most of their printing
>and office paper has no recycled content at all and that they have to
>specifically choose recycled paper to get it. Those already using recycled
>paper should be sure to put that ID on all their printed materials, so that
>others become aware of it again. Some major purchasers have been worried 
>that there is not enough capacity to meet their needs but our study has 
>shown that concern to be unfounded.
>I know that cost is also a big concern, but there are categories of papers
>that are very cost-effective. Recycled content letterhead and business 
>card papers (Text and Cover, and Writing grades) are competitively priced. 
>Mills that price their coated papers the same whether they're recycled or 
>virgin are listed at 
>The cost differentials for other papers are generally very close,
>particularly if bought in large quantities or over a long term.
>Please spread the word about the importance of switching to recycled 
>papers now. We keep our website listings updated about all the 
>environmental papers available. Also, please let us know what problems 
>purchasers are running into when they want to switch. Conservatree is 
>analyzing the market development issues in our Listening Study
>(http://www.conservatree.com/learn/ListenSnapshot/ListenPress.shtml) and 
>searching for solutions through a number of other avenues, as well.
>Thanks, all, for your dedication to environmental solutions.
>Susan Kinsella
>Executive Director
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>San Francisco, CA 94118
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>Website: http://www.conservatree.com
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