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The local firms should be rating themselves for performance.  DJSI does not rate individual facilities.  Many of the wonderful things corporate folks envision do not effectively trickle down to the local facility level.  Many of the firms in your town are NOT publicly traded.  The New Mexico Green Zia Program <http://www.nmenv.state.nm.us/Green_Zia_website/index.html> gets my nod as the best site for measuring environmental performance.  The folks at DJSI and Innovest have created unproven schemes for rating the companies.  The model used in Green Zia is used in 60 countries and 44 of the 50 states.  It has been shown that organizations that use this model in their quality performance arena outperform financially the companies that do not use the model by 2 to 4.5 TIMES!!  For more information, please look at <<http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/stockstudy.htm>  Move over DJSI!!!  Remember that you do not need to be in a Green Zia program to see these results, you can use the metric for self evaluation <http://www.pojasek-associates.com/Reprints/MeasurePerformance.pdf>   Soon there will be a software product that TA's can use to compare their clients with a single number irregardless of their sector or size.  And to think that New Mexico has already been doing this for three years (they are in the fourth year of their program).  Maybe we can say that the New Mexico Environment Department beats the DJSI in the environmental field.

Bob Pojasek

interesting update here re rating public firms on P2 and other performance.  I think there are at least a dozen orgs out there that are doing such ratings.  In the hypothesis that firms care as much about their LOCAL reputation as well as their market reputation, I wonder if any state or regional program has ever done a report on the possibly multiple ratings received by the firms in their TA territory?  Does anyone check regularly to see if 3rd parties are rating any local corporations?  For example if a major multinational is located in your town, is anyone helping the local media understand the ratings that the firm receives?  Seems like they would be very interested and could prod their interest in more talk with the local P2 community.  Here in Seattle, the local newspapers regularly report on the market performance of local publicly-traded firms.  The various ratings orgs provide standards by which to rate such portfolios.  Maybe corp execs would be more interested in P2 ratings by LOCAL programs than more national ones. 
The Environmental Reporting Clearinghouse gets my nod as the best site on this topic, it's at <http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/stockstudy.htm>

Burt Hamner
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Dear DJSI Community,
you now find the DJSI Update for the month of February on our homepage at http://www.sustainability-indexes.com/news/monthly.html.

During the last month, the DJSI World has outperformed the DJGI World as well as the MSCI World. The Euro value of the DJSI World declined by -1.82% compared to the DJGI World with -1.92% and the MSCI World with -2.17%. In the same period, the DJSI STOXX declined by -0.88% while the DJ STOXX 600 fell by -0.89%.

The number of sold licenses has risen to 37 with Credit Union Central of Ontario (CUCO) being added as the first licensee from Canada.

The assets managed based on the DJSI family amount to 2.2 bn EUR.

Kathrin Fuellemann


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