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Fwd: info on Technology Foresight

I am teaching a course at Harvard this semester (a live case course) that is examining how a local government and a local industrial facility define the PATH to sustainable development.  It is a distance learning course.  You can visit much of the web site at <http://lab.dce.harvard.edu/extension/envre105/>  I hope you will find it helpful.

Bob Pojasek

How, specifically, can we develop reasonable scenarios of the future to guide strategic thinking about sustainability and technology?  The futurists of the world are calling their method "Technology Foresighting", and now major international institutions and research institutes are adopting this theme.  Yes, it's another buzz phrase to remember, but the size of the global network on this topic and the ideas they are presenting are very interesting for anyone concerned with sustainable business and Cleaner Production.  Two good resources are
Latin America and Caribbean Technology Foresight Initiative
APEC's Technology Foresight Network
Seems like a good concept to link to community-based visioning for sustainability.  I am scanning thru this community on the web for particularly good guidance docs, will post info on any I find.  Any suggestions for particularly good references?
Burt Hamner