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RE: info on Technology Foresight

In a recent post to this list, Burt Hamner (bhamner@cleanerproduction.com) asked for suggestions of good references related to Technology Foresighting/Scenario techniques.
One document that people might find useful is a report entitled "Foresighting Around the World:A Review of Seven Best-In-Kind Programs," published in January 1997 by my Battelle colleagues Marina Skumanich and Michelle Silbernagle.  The document was prepared for the US Dept of Energy Office of Energy Research and was intended as a systematic review of the "lessons learned" from these programs, to examine the actual operating experiences, successes, and issues these programs have faced. Special attention is given to types of foresighting methods being used, and how these methods reflect program goals or orientation.  It specifically examines the application of foresighting techniques by the following organizations:
  • U.S. Army Environmental Policy Institute
  • Millenium Project
  • Australian Science and Technology Council
  •  National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Japan
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany
  • Royal Dutch/Shell, the Netherlands
  • Central Planning Bureau, the Netherlands
The document is available online at: http://www.seattle.battelle.org/Services/E&S/foresite/index.htm
Hope this helps.

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