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RE: Potable Drinking Water & Wastewater

I dug up my old college text Water Supply & Wastewater Removal, Fair Geyer & Okun, 1966 (!!) J, Wiley & Sons, NY, which cited (page 5-13) a 1962 USGS survey of 100 US municipal water systems: 41% toilet flushing, 37% washing/bathing, 6% kitchen, 5% drinking, 4% laundry, 3% household cleaning, 3% garden, 1% car washing.
Intuitively, I think the laundry number is low.
Robert P. Minicucci II, PE
NH Dept. of Environmental Services
6 Hazen Drive,
Concord, NH 03301
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Subject: Potable Drinking Water & Wastewater

I am researching national wastewater reuse programs.
Can someone lead me to a source who can tell me on average what percentage of daily potable drinking water is used by households for toilet and washing functions?
Thanks for your help.
Donald Sutherland 

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