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Business-to-Business Mentoring Examples

Idaho DEQ, Idaho GEMStars, and PPRC seek leads for speakers, resources, and
case studies on voluntary business-to-business mentoring (esp. in the
Pacific Northwest):  one-on-one, within peer groups, across industries.  Who
ís got practical expertise with mentoring, and what resources/tips do they
rely on?

Mentoring topics could include:
*  P2 and resource efficiency (energy, water, raw materials),
*  Other environmental expertise (permits, EMS, audits, compliance,
*  Non-environmental topics:  diversity training, marketing/communications,
business practices.

Your leads will be incorporated into a Regional P2 Roundtable on P2
mentoring, to be held June 20, 2002 in Boise, Idaho.  If you're interested
in attending the roundtable, send word!

Thanks -
Cathy Buller
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)
513 First Avenue W., Seattle, WA 98119
ph 206-352-2050; fax 206-352-2049