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RE: Potable Drinking Water & Wastewater - Re the 27% household water use in toilets.

27%  grrr- the modern toilet!! Just think what an efficient, economical,
completely retrofittable and environmentally benign replacement for this 100
year old technology could do for the fresh water 
supply of the entire planet!!! I have two top quality, low flush toilets and
regretfully, we have a long way to go yet!! Inventors of the world, where are
Deborah MacCormac 
FDEP - P2 - Orlando

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	It is suggested that you review
	Handbook of Water Use and Conservation" (WaterPlow Press, 2001,
	www.waterplowpress.com) which includes a chapter that discusses
	water use in further detail (Chapter 2, "Residential and Domestic
Water Use
	and Efficiency Measures").
	Also go to for some very detailed data go to
	which will provide recent extensive AWWA data stating toilet water
use at
	18.5 gpcd or 26.7% of total indoor use
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