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Fw: INFOTERRA: Re: Int. Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education(IJSHE): special issue on greening the campus

good stuff on P2 on campus and on teaching sustainability in univs.

- Burt

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Subject: INFOTERRA: Re: Int. Journal of Sustainability in Higher
Education(IJSHE): special issue on greening the campus

> Dear Colleagues,
> IJSHE is pleased to announce the forthcoming
> publication of a special issue with some of the key
> papers presented at the fourth international Greening
> of the Campus Conference hosted by Ball State
> University, USA in September 2001.  Some 200
> participants from throughout the United States and
> other countries gathered to share their experience in
> trying to move concerns for greening of the campus
> into the mainstream.
> IJSHE  is the worldīs only academic journal to
> specifically focus on the matter
> of environmental protection and sustainability at
> university level. In a world where the use of the word
> "unique" is rather limited, IJSHE can safely use this
> expression to describe its work and its remit.
> Published by Emerald Publishing (UK) in cooperation
> with the University Leaders for a Sustainable Future
> (ULSF), TuTech Hamburg and a group of institutions and
> centres of excellence on sustainability, IJSHE is a
> fully referred journal, with a reputable editorial
> board and has a central place in the promotion of
> scholarly research, practical activities and projects
> around the subject of sustainability in a higher
> education context.
> The journalīs web site is:
> http://www.emeraldinsight.com/ijshe.htm. Those not yet
> subscribing to the journal may be able to do via the
> web site or pre-order the special issue from
> nrolph@emeraldinsight.com. IJSHE puts you at the heart
> of a prestigious international network of
> practitioners, academics and legislators working on
> sustainable development in higher education.
> Walter Leal Filho
> Editor
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