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The alternative to the modern (highly inefficient) toilet

Thanks for the feedback Richard, you know the cistern thing on the roof
sounds like a simple soution, but this option has been available to the world
for as long as the traditional toilet and not caught on. The retrofit issues
and the rain dependent factor make it a "questionable", if not "unrealistic"
fix in today's world. 
I was thinking more of something along the lines of a "box or contraption"
that fits over the top of any standard toilet tank, over the tank itself.
Easy to install, everyone could pop it into place. It's what's inside the
"box" that the P2 minds in this decade should be able to create. Simple,
effective, inexpensive and environmentally benign. Any more ideas? We're
talking 27% of domestic water use here. One good idea here and we could
change the world!!
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - P2 - Orlando 

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	        Every house should have a roof-mounted method for collecting
	water.  It could be collected in an attic tank, plumbed to toilets,
or an
	outside faucet for lawn/garden/car washing, and wouldn't even require
	electricity.  Even a small 250 gallon heating fuel-type tank, once
	would deliver quite a few flushes at 1.5gpf.
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	The Japanese have a wonderful invention that drains the graywater
	handwashing (after using the toilet) at the tap/sink on top of the
tank into
	the tank to be used for flushing. It's a start anyway!  Sandy Rock
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	>I've found data on this subject from 2 sources:
	>BOCA National Plumbing code manual used by municipal building
	>Water Environment Federation has data on this topic
	>Hope this helps.
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	>       I am researching national wastewater reuse programs.
	>       Can someone lead me to a source who can tell me on average
	percentage of daily potable drinking water is used by households for
	and washing functions?
	>       Thanks for your help.
	>       Cheers,
	>       Donald Sutherland
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