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RE: WYO Recycling Contact

Karen Sweeney works for the Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association, a non-profit org.  She has been involved in the organization for several years and participated in several EPA Region 8 Recycling Roundtables. Her e-mail is: kbsweeney@rmisp.com  phone: (307) 332-8595

The following link (located on the Wyoming DEQ site) provides a mission statement and membership information about the association.  http://deq.state.wy.us/recycleorg/recycle3.htm
Juliann Livingston
MSU Extension - Housing and Environment

jlivingston@montana.edu    406-994-4292
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I'm looking for a good contact within the State of Wyoming specific to recycling efforts.  Are there any P2Techers out there who are employed by the State of Wyoming or anyone else that has a good contact with the State?  Again, I'm looking for a contact that is specific to recycling rather than P2 as a whole.  If you could forward any recommendations with a little description of the contact, I would greatly appreciated your help!

Thanks, jks 

Julie Sieving

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