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compliance rates

Please respond directly to Ms. Davis at sbd@ksu.edu-- Please DO NOT hit the reply button as it will only be forwarded to listman.

Dear P2 techers,
I don't want to open a can of worms here, but I would just like a
little feedback (without any dissertations please!) on compliance
achievement through TAP programs.
As TAPs we usually provide COMPLIANCE assistance to the businesses we
work with.
I ask this: Do you think that most businesses need the one-on-one
assistance via a hotline or site visit to achieve compliance or do
you think more companies will actually get "into" compliance through
group workshops or seminar meetings on compliance issues.
This isn't a formal survey (and of course I have my own opinion), but
I'd like to hear what the TAPs think on this issue. 
Please send your replies to me personally and just indicate if you
think one on one is usually required to get comprehensive compliance
or if you think there is more compliance bang for the buck through
group activities like workshops. 
I know there are many, many factors and caveats that surround this
issue, but I'm just looking for a general response from those of you
that have to do compliance assistance.
Please send your responses to me personally to avoid tying up P2tech.

Sherry J. Davis, CHMM
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall,KSU
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
Fax: 785-532-6952
Phone: 1-800-578-8898