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US Turning to Conglomerates to PU Water Tab

Following up on Enron's attempt to privitize Florida's water and wastewater facilities (http://www.naplesnews.com/02/03/perspective/d738560a.htm )
 I thought this would be of interest.
Donald Sutherland
Monopolies on the Local Water Front
Posted Jan. 22, 2002
For most Americans opening a tap to receive fresh, clean water is as basic as a flush toilet. But the nation's water and wastewater infrastructures are aging, creating an opportunity for multinational corporations that have recognized the profit potential for buying up cash-strapped municipal utilities.

Many cities, counties and townships are turning to giant conglomerates that promise to pick up the tab for renovating and/or operating outdated water utilities in exchange for a guaranteed profit under monopoly authority. These arrangements are called "build-own-transfer" or "build-own-operate" contracts