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RE: paint booths

        Massachusetts Air Quality Regulations (http://www.state.ma.us/dep/bwp/daqc/files/regs/7a.htm#03), specify requirements for spray paint booths.   Most "pre-fab" booths, such as ones manufactured by Binks or Devilbis (not an endorsement) meet the face and exit velocities.  However, stack height is a determining factor in what fan size is necessary to meet these requirements.   These regulations also specify coating formulations, type of spray guns, gun cleaner and particulate control.
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Does anyone know where I can find EPA guidance on the ventilation systems of spray booths (e.g. recommended exit velocities, fan speed, etc.).  I found guidance from the Australian EPA, but I would like some "closer to home" guidance for a local cabinet maker/finisher.
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