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RE: Gasket/ decal/ paint remover

I was just yesterday looking for a material to do some paint removal on
furniture that had neither chlorinated solvents or solvents such as toluene
and methanol.  I found one in Home Depot that had 1-methyl -2 pyrrolidone
and terpenes.  It was something like "Citri-strip" or similar name and
appeared orange in color.  I don't have any idea how it might work.
There is also a TV sold product called "Ready-Strip Safet Paint & Varnish
Remover".  This is a product of Back to Nature Products Co.  The MSDS on
this product shows Dimethyl Glutarate (30-35%), Dimethyl Adipate (10-15%),
and N Methyl - 2 Pyrrolidone (10-15%).  Both these products are promoted for
home use.

I have no experience with either and do not recommend either product or its
ability to remove paint.  They do appear to fit the "no chlorinated solvent"
and no toluene or methanol criteria.

Good luck.

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Subject: Gasket/ decal/ paint remover

Sorry for cross postings....
In an ongoing effort to reduce risk and waste reduction at our state
DOT, I was wondering if anyone knows of a substitute product, that does
not contain a chlorinated product (e.g., methyl chloride, MEK, PCE, TCE,
TCA, etc.), for use as a gasket/decal/paint remover.  This is aside from
being CFC "free".

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