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Fw: Good website on env enforcement

Hi P2Tech.  I sent around this note earlier, and have been thinking, this INECE website dearly needs a good guide to P2 in enforcement.  Does anyone have a suggestion for something they could link to or include as a download?  They have a very well designed site and seem like a great org to support.
-Burt Hamner
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 10:40 AM
Subject: Good website on env enforcement

The Intl Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement has an unusually good website with excellent information that is important for anyone managing a regulatory environmental program.  It includes two major publications available on online that provide good overviews of these complicated topics.  These would serve as good primary references for program managers.
Principles of Environmental Enforcement
Training Course for Multi Media Inspectors
Inspector Training Course Compendium, Program and Course Comparison
One day I will read them both completely, sure...

Also included is a very new directory of Resources for Promoting Global Business Principles and Best Practices from the US EPA, it is quite extensive and current (in pdf format)



There is a lot of other good material on the website as well.  It needs more links to Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production, though!
- Burt Hamner