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Loans to platers

Colin, I picked up your message on P2 Tech today. We tried an enviro
loan program for platers out here, but found that platers never used it.
We had screening criteria and a review board, but good loan terms. It
was a lot of work with no benefit. Please call Laura Bloch at
415-947-4165 for more information.

Colin's message on P2 Tech, sent on 4/12:

Forwarded on behalf of Colin Kiefer.  Please reply to Mr. Kiefer or
p2tech @great-lakes.net.  Please do not hit the reply button.

Many small industrial and commercial businesses do not have the means to
secure financing through personal assets for implementing measures to
reduce pollution and resource use (i.e. water) beyond what is required
by the EPA.  A Pre-qualification Loan Program could be a powerful tool
or incentive for assisting these companies in implementing measures and
technologies that can move them beyond regulatory limits via waste
reduction and resource conservation.

P2AD is exploring the possibility of establishing such a loan program
for the Geogia Metal Finishing Initiative and our evolving Pollution
Prevention Partners recognition program.  I am interested in
benchmarking other state efforts with using similar loan programs as an
incentive for environmental improvement.

Please send an email to colin_kiefer@p2ad.org or call me at (404) 651
5128 if you have a similar program in place and would be willing to
share your experiences.

Thank you,

M. Colin Kiefer
Pollution Prevention Engineer
Georgia P2AD

Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region IX, WST-7
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA  94105
(415) 972-3286 Tel
(415) 947-3530 Fax