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Re: SWAMI software??

there are several other EPA softwares from early 1990s on P2, including one called P2 Progress for including P2 in product design which I also have and don't have occasion to use.  I too wonder if some smart windows programmer could use these as foundation for some updated versions.  These products (SWAMI and P2Progress) from the EPA Cincinnati wizards could be updated at low cost and boost EPA on the P2 software scene.
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Subject: RE: SWAMI software??

I actually sat in on a presentation of this software when I was in Texas.  It was a pretty neat tool and a workshop was held for it for the petroleum industry back in the early 1990's when I was there, we sponsored it at our school.  I have not heard it catch on since that time.  Maybe it's time to bring it out again?
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Subject: SWAMI software??

I have a copy of the software and the users manual (EPA/625/11-91/004) of "Strategic Waste Minimization Initiative" (SWAMI) v.2.0, "A Software Tool to Aid in Process Analysis for Pollution Prevention".  Beats me where I got it, but the software seems to work.  It builds process diagrams and asks lots of questions about P2 options, based on user input.  Seems possibly helpful to the right persons.
Question:  Does ANYone have experience actually using this software in real world applications?  Have you even heard of this software?  It seems to have died a quiet death after its release, but the idea is great, and hey, it was made in 1991 when you could put an entire program on just one floppy disk!  You young people won't believe it, but its true...
Thanks in advance
Burt Hamner