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CAA / P2 connection.

I have a question from a former intern.  Maybe someone can provide help.

"I am trying to link the specific provisions of the Clean Air Act with
pollution prevention and how Congress mandated pollution prevention as a
means to cut back on air pollutants. Are there EPA guidance documents
that specifically point to where pollution prevention is the preferred
means to attacking then air pollution problem (as in section 112 --
HAPs). Not just for monitoring but also in the proliferation of green
technology. Yes this is a two part question and it can get unwieldy.
However, this is supposed to be a short paper (10 pages) and I
appreciate anything that jumps into mind. I have been searching the
legislative history of the CAA, Law Review articles  as well as EPA
complaince assistnace guidance documents - but trying to print 316 pages
of EPA compliance documents does not seem like a mode of preventing
solid waste pollution.

If you can help I appreciate anything that you can provide.

Evan B. Brandes"

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