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Re: Are Energy Efficiency Grants available for Demonstration Projects?

Hi Warren.  A good source of information is the Database of State 
Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE).  You can search their database by 
technology type.  They have information available on several incentives for 
geothermal technology--go to 
and select "geothermal" from the drop down menu.  Among the results you'll 
find an entry on Sustainable Energy Grants in Pennsylvania.  See 
http://www.trfund.com/sdf/sdf_grants.htm for more details on this 
particular funding opportunity.  (Note: This web site was last updated in 
1999, but in the DSIRE database, the date of "Last DSIRE Review" is listed 
as 2/12/02, so I assume this grant is still available.)

Hope this helps.
Joy Scrogum
Information Specialist
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (www.wmrc.uiuc.edu)
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (www.glrppr.org)

At 12:09 PM 4/25/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a client, an architectural engineering firm, that is interested in
>installing a geo-thermal heatpump system for heating or cooling the
>facility in which the firm is located. They plan to use the system as a
>demonstration unit which would enable them to interest some of their
>clients in using geo-thermal heating and cooling for their projects.
>The firm would like to secure a grant to purchase and install the system.
>Do any of you know of funding sources that might be applicable to this type
>of project?
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