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Re: 2002 MVP2 award appplication

Do applicants need to be members of NPPR? Diane D. Buxbaum,  M.P.H.
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  Region 2
290 Broadway, 21 East
New York, NY 10007
phone: 212-637-3919
fax: 212-637-4086
email: buxbaum.diane@epa.gov

                      Natalie Roy                                                                           
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                      Natalie Roy                                                                           

The following is the application for the National Polution Prevention
Roundtable's MVP2 awards for 2002.  We encourage you to pass this
information along to people who might be interested. Thanks  Natalie Roy
(See attached file: mvp2form.doc)