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green star local biz p2 programs?

I am starting to compile evaluation data from various Green Star type programs and will appreciate any more leads to sources.
I have info about Alaska Green Star, Boulder's PACE Program, King County's Green Works/Envirostars (thanks to Sally, Josh, Kinley et al). 
A Green-Star type program promotes P2 to local business by
1) Getting a voluntary commitment by the business to participate
2) Encouraging progressive levels of P2
3) Providing a little technical assistance, but not lots
4) Public recognition when business achieves another level of progress
If you know of local governments that operate such programs, I would really like to know about them so I can follow up.  The study will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of this particular promotion model.  Any contact or web info is greatly appreciated.  I will make the final paper available to P2Tech members.
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