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Invitation to Energy Analysis Forum

For P2ers who are interested in examining the links between Air Quality
Improvement and Renewable Energy Technologies, please consider attending the
Forum presented in the following email correspondence and attachments.  This
Energy Analysis Forum will take place May 29-30 in Golden, Colorado.

Best Regards,

N. Denise Rayborn
National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
State and Local Initiatives
1617 Cole Blvd, MS 1626
Golden, CO  80401-3393
303.275.3779 (ph)
303.275.3033 (fax)

> Dear Colleague: 
> Thank you for your interest in our second Energy Analysis Forum, which
> will be held in Golden, Colorado, on May 29-30, 2002. This two-day event,
> hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in collaboration
> with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection
> Agency (EPA), is titled "Analysis Related to the Role of Renewable Energy
> Technologies in Air-Quality Improvement."  The forum will be held at the
> Sheraton Denver West (360 Union Blvd.) in Lakewood, Colorado.
> This Energy Analysis Forum is the second in a series of conferences
> focusing on analytic issues of importance to the nation's energy
> efficiency and renewable energy programs. A more detailed agenda and
> informational flyer are attached below. 
> Space is limited for this Energy Analysis Forum, but your participation is
> important to us! The forum is free, but conference participants are
> responsible for their own transportation and lodging costs. To register,
> complete the registration form (attached below) and e-mail it to
> jennifer_braden@nrel.gov <mailto:jennifer_braden@nrel.gov>. For questions
> regarding registration, contact Jennifer Braden at 303-275-4326 or through
> the e-mail above. For any other questions about the forum, please contact
> Michelle Kubik at michelle_kubik@nrel.gov <mailto:michelle_kubik@nrel.gov>
> or 303-275-3658. 
> For the latest updates and information on the Energy Analysis Forum,
> please visit our Web site at www.nrel.gov/analysis
> <http://www.nrel.gov/analysis>. 
> We know that there are many ideas we can share with each other on this
> issue, so we hope to see you here!
>  <<Agenda - 4-25.doc>>  <<Registration form - 3-20.doc>>  <<EAO
> Flyer-5.ai.pdf>> 

Agenda - 4-25.doc

Registration form - 3-20.doc

EAO Flyer-5.ai.pdf