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Re: plastic lumber

We on Long Island, NY have a company that does just that.  Recycled plastic
is ground up and then "melted" down and processed through a molding machine
to manufacture product.

It certainly provides recycling benefits.  I am aware that the input stream
must be examined to eliminate those plastic containers that were used to
carry certain chemicals.  Even with prior washing, the residue coating
causes odor issues and possibly reaction issues when processed through
molding.  Also the composition of the input stream must be controlled.

Otto Schaefer
Long Island Forum For Technology

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The Montana Manufacturing Extension Center has asked us to help them
information for a company they are working with that is considering
to manufacture plastic lumber from recycled plastic.

If any of you have experience with this industry, what P2 recommendations
would you have for them?  Any other insights or tips concerning this
industry would also be welcome.


Ted Lange
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