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RE: P2 success stories in the tourism industry

This excerpt from a press release...

From: Green Hotels Association
Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Many resources exist to help lodging owners become more
sustainable. Chief among them are:
                * The Green Hotels Association
(http://www.greenhotels.com), a
national trade group with a catalog of eco-friendly products, a
meeting planner's questionnaire (36 questions for helping plan
green meetings), and a list of over 250 member hotels
nationwide, including the Best Western Edgewater West in Duluth
(218/728-3601) and most notably Arbor House in Madison, WI
(http://www.arbor-house.com/ 608/238-2981). This historic building
is a showcase for eco-efficient design, technology, comfort,
beauty and elegance, featuring recycled timbers, high energy
efficiency, organic cotton mattresses and location on a bus line.
        * The International Hotels Environment Initiative (IHEI:
http://www.ihei.org/) produces resources such as the Green
Hotelier magazine, purchasing guidelines, a video, an industry
guide to best practices, and a web-based benchmarking tool. At
http://www.benchmarkhotel.com/ hotel professionals (who must
register, for free) can assess and plan for environmental and
financial improvements. In the areas of energy use, fresh water
consumption, waste management, waste water quality,
purchasing programs, community relations and biodiversity
protection mangers can compare their performance with those of
hotels with similar facilities in three major climate zones and
calculate the benefits of making specific changes. Net cost
reductions over 10 years for Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts
have been $26 million.

For more information, contact:
Patricia Griffin
Green Hotels Association
voice 713/789-8889
fax 713/789-9786

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> I am looking for case studies/success stories of P2 initiatives in the tourism
> industry, including transportation, hotels.  Can anyone direct me to a source?
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