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RE: P2 success stories in the tourism industry


The National Parks have some great, non-hotel success stories for the
tourism industry. "Greening of the Parks" as it is called, is part of their
effort to provide environmental leadership. A transportation example is last
year when the Yellowstone/Grand Teton area piloted selling ethanol at all
gas stations. I believe the area has also just been awarded (or soon will
be) the "Clean Cities" designation (an award related to P2 in transporation)
by DOE. (Contact Jim Evanoff at the email above for more information.) 

Another great success story is the work done by EPA Region 8 with cleaning
products in Yellowstone. A detailed report is on line at:

For more success stories relating to national parks, this web site is adding
some great new information:

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I am looking for case studies/success stories of P2 initiatives in the
industry, including transportation, hotels.  Can anyone direct me to a

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