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Re: P2 success stories in the tourism industry

Our recently completed "Greening Your Ski Area - A Pollution Prevention
Handbook" has several case studies in the tourism industry (lodging,
food and beverage, grounds, green buildings). The handbook is on the web

http://peakstoprairies.org/p2bande/skigreen/index.cfm  in large PDF
files. It will be broken up into a P2Rx topic hub late this year.

If you want a hard copy, they are available through National Ski Areas
Association (NSAA) for a shipping and handling fee. You can reach NSAA
at www.nsaa.org or (303) 987-1111. 

Good Luck,

Kirk Mills
Pollution Prevention Program
Colorado Department of Public Health 
     and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive So.
Denver, Co  80246-1530
Ph: (303) 692-2977
Fax: (303) 782-4969
Email: kirk.mills@state.co.us