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RE: Great resource for designing P2/CP programs

Kim --

If you haven't done so already, you really owe it to them to steer them to
Gunter Pauli's work with the Zero Emissions Research Institute --

While there are lots of uses for spent brewer's grain (including bread,
compost, livestock feed, etc), Pauli's group has done some great work at
adapting a more systematic view of breweries as part of an overall
industrial ecosystem, and has applied this particularly well in developing
nations.   And despite the slight tendency towards personality cult that
ZERI engenders, they seem to do good work.

Hope this is of some use for your client.  Alas, since I don't drink
alchohol, I guess I'll have to settle for good karma.  Though you might not
want to tell the brewer that....   :)

Hope this helps

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov)

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From: Kim Mihalik
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Sent: 5/3/2002 2:55 PM
Subject: RE: Great resource for designing P2/CP programs

Hello P2ers-


I recently received the request below from a colleague of mine in Sri
Lanka.  In reviewing the technical request, it seemed to me that there
may be source reduction techniques, as well as reuse/recycling ideas,
that could be transplanted from U.S. brewers to the Sri Lankan brewer.
If any of you have ideas that I could forward to the company via my
colleague, please send them to me.  Or, if your business could provide a
solution, please feel free to respond to Dr. Chad Kanagachandran


The person who donates the idea which brings them down to zero spent
grain waste gets a six-pack of Lion Brewery beer! ;-)






Kim Mihalik

Deputy Director/Engineer

Environmental Technology Network for Asia (ETNA)

US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP)

1819 H Street NW, Suite 750

Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202/835-0333 x118

Fax: 202/835-0446

Email: kmihalik@usaep.org

Website: www.usaep.org



US-AEP - Environment Trade Lead - Sri Lanka - Colombo - TON # 020503AC01




The company is looking for technology/advisory services to convert spent
grain waste to a usable product or to implement a waste to energy
process via biogas or othermeans using grain waste. 


Lion Brewary Ceylon Ltd generates about 15-20 tons of spent grain a day
in the beer manufacturing process. The material has a pH about 6.1 and
moisture content is about 79%. 




Type of Company: Production/Marketing

Employees: 220

Annual Sales US$: 50000000

Year Established: 1881


Lion Brewery is the leading beer production company in Sri Lanka. For
additional company information please visit www.lionbrew.com




Estimated Contract Value US$: 2000000

Type of Transaction:Technology transfer

Service Contract Needed:yes

Payment Terms:TBD

Time Frame:ASAP

Funding:Company financing

Buyer's Bank:Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank

Proposal Language:English




Interested U.S. companies should contact Lion Brewary directly via email
or fax with a letter of interest.


Dr. Chad  Kanagachandran

Consultant (Research and Development)

The Lion Brewery Ceylon Ltd

254, Colombo Road

Biyagama, Sri Lanka 

Phone: 011-941-46500

Email: chad@lionbrew.com


US-AEP is now offering guidance on how to write a letter of interest
(LOI).  If you are interested in getting some tips to improve the
quality of your company's LOI, please check out the LOI guidance at
http://www.usaep.org/ouractiv/loi.htm .


In addition, please also send a copy of your letter of interest
referencing the TON# to ETNA's Washington, DC office via e-mail or fax.


E-mail: etna@usaep.org 

Fax: 202-835-0446


Note: U.S. companies that respond to this lead, but do not receive a
reply from the Asian buyers, can contact the USAEP tech rep listed below
and request assistance in following up with the Asian company. This
request must be made six weeks after the U.S. company sent out the
initial letter of interest.


Dr. Ananda Mallawatantri

US-AEP Sri Lanka 

44 Galle Road

Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

Tel: 011-94-1-472-855

Fax: 011-94-1-472850 or 011-94-1-472860