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Mercury Switch Removal Manual

I received the following email indirectly through a mercury list serve.
There may be interest in the pollution prevention world about making use of
this Household Appliance Mercury Switch Removal Manual from Vermont.  You
may contact Tom Benoit at mailto:Tombe@dec.anr.state.vt.us with questions or
-Tracy Wyhlidko, City of Eureka, California,  Tel:(707) 441-4362

Original Message:
Subject:    (mercury_policy) Mercury switch removal from Appliances Manu
Author: "Tom Benoit" <SMTP:Tombe@dec.anr.state.vt.us>
Date:       5/6/2002 4:43 AM

Hi everyone,
We have finished the Mercury switch removal from Appliances Manual and
placed it
on the web at www.mercvt.org.  As we are constantly finding new items with
mercury, please let me know of any additional items that you feel should be
added.  Any comments or additional suggestions, would also be appreciated.
Thanks Tom.