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Alternatives to using compressed air to clean parts

I have a client that makes small stainless parts for the medical industry.  They
are conducting a 5S activity on the cell that has 3 open (not enclosed) milling
machines.  The current practice is to:  1)  blow compressed air on the parts
while still on the fixture, to remove coolant and the chips, 2) remove the parts
and blow air on the fixture to remove coolant and chips.  Then the process
starts all over.  As you can imagine, it is a messy, oily area.  I am wondering
if anyone has information regarding a vacuum system instead of the current one
of blowing air.  It would make sense that vacuuming the parts and the fixture
and capturing the coolant and chips, would keep the area cleaner.

If you know of such a system or have an alternative idea, please let me know.

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