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No Subject

Hello ,

we are a research company in Austria working on an project about the use of
renewable resources in the chemical industry. I adress myself to you because
I hope that anyone amongst you can remember whether he has got a questionare
about use of renewable resources (in the broadest sense) in the last three
years and if yes, do you remember who was the sender? Or is there maybe
anyone who has sent such a questionnaire himself and has done some research
on this topic? We are interested in the European area but most of the big
companies and manufacturers of chemicals, cosmetics, detergents, plant
protective agents ...are based in the US, therefor also information about
the US-area could help...

Best regards and thanks in advance!

Karin Taferner

D.I. Karin Taferner
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Institut für Nachhaltige Techniken
und Systeme
Mauritzener Hauptstraße 3
A-8130  Frohnleiten

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