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Barium Hydroxide and Anesthesia Wastes

Title: Barium Hydroxide and Anesthesia Wastes

FYI P2 Techies:

Kevin Shupe at WA State Dept of Ecology has information from Ghent University in Belgium, discussing alternatives to Ba(OH)2 in CO2 absorption canisters used during anesthesia.  They recommend a substance called Amsorb.  Also there is a website that discusses the different CO2 absorption techniqueshttp://gasnet.med.yale.edu/machine/part1.htm#Delivery%20System-%20Carbon%20dioxide%20absorption

It looks like there is a lot of research going on looking at the different substances available, there is even a group at the University of Washington looking at this (Evan D. Kharasch, M.D., Ph.D.; Alan Artru, M.D. Comparison of Amsorb®, Sodalime, and Baralyme® Degradation of Desflurane and Isoflurane and on Formation of Carbon Monoxide in Swine In Vivo).