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RE: Inquiry regarding renewable resources in the chemical industry

Dear Ms. Taferner,

        I have not seen such a survey, but you might look at:

U.S. National Research Council, Committee on Biobased Industrial Products. 2000. Biobased Industrial Products: Research and Commercialization Priorities. Washington: National Academy Press <www.nap.edu/books/0309053927/html/>.

        You will also be interested to know that a Call for Papers for a special issue of the Journal of Industrial Ecology on biobased materials has been issued.  See <http://www.yale.edu/jie/cfpbiobased.htm>.

Reid Lifset

At 08:22 AM 5/13/2002 -0700, Butner, R Scott wrote:
In a message to P2TECH dated 05/13/2002 Karin Taferner
(karin.taferner@joanneum.at -- remanining contact information at the end of
this post) asked (in part):

> we are a research company in Austria working on an project
> about the use of renewable resources in the chemical industry.

Karin -

I am not aware of any surveys or questionaires on this topic, but have a
couple of suggestions you may wish to consider in pursuit of your study:

1) the Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing (ECDM) listserver
at U Windsor, Ontario Canada may be a very good place to re-post this query,
because it has a significant number of European academic reseasrchers
participating on it, and you may be able to reach a number of people who do
not subscribe to P2TECH.

2) You may wish to read the "Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-Based
Revnewable Resources 2020" which is available at the US Department of
Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies web site
(http://www.oit.doe.gov/agriculture/tech_roadmap.shtml). The document was
produced with the participation of several US industry groups, notably the
National Corn Grower's Association, and with support from the US Department
of Agriculture and US Department of Energy.  The document provides a good
technical overview of R&D issues surrounding use of biomass as chemical

I will also forward this to a few of my colleagues here at Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory and at US Department of Energy who are involved in
bio-based materials and chemicals from biomass research, in the event that
they have some additional suggestions. I am sure that some of them would be
interested in the results of your research.

Hope this helps.

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