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Re: Boise Cascade Office Products


These folks are one of our largest vendors for JIT procurement.  We have worked with them in the past to reduce this kind of wasteful packaging and are just about to approach them again about it.  I will keep you posted!

Pat Galllagher

At 07:59 AM 5/16/2002 -0600, Monica Wenzel wrote:
Los Alamos National Laboratory deals with Boise Cascade- here's how they solved the packaging waste problem:

Boise Cascade, office supplies vendor for the Laboratory, was shipping individually packaged items.  This caused Laboratory requesters to complain that there was much more packaging than necessary.  Monica Lucero, a Procurement Contract Assistant in BUS-5, improved the ordering-shipping process. This improvement enabled Boise Cascade to consolidate several items into one package--when they were all going to the same requester. This greatly reduced the amount of packing material, while maintaining accountability for each item. A secondary benefit is that Boise Cascade is no longer repackaging items from their wholesalers prior to shipping them to the Lab. Both these improvements minimize sanitary waste generation and avoid the cost of the extra packaging.

Everyone who deals with Boise Cascade should request the same change.

Monica Wenzel

"Forcella, Domenic (Public Safety)" wrote:
  Does anyone on the list deal with this company?The amount of wasted packaging is a crime!I watched as a box 6" x 6" x 8" was used to ship 2 packagesof labels which measured 3x5x1/2 each.  That was oneof4 boxes and an envelope used to fill our order.  All of which could have fit in 1.just had to get this out.D Forcella

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