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Re: Lead Patenting/Oil-tempered vs. Induction Heating

No, David, I don't, but here's something else your client might be
interested in. I have a client that uses cryogenics (liquid nitrogen) to
impart exceptional properties to various materials, including various metal
alloys. If there is any interest in applying this technology-which is
entirely environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than any
heating technology-I would be happy to make the connection between the two


>Our office is has been working with a local wire manufacturing company.
>The wire is manufactured from coiled steel.  80% of their heat treatment
>process is done with lead patenting and oil quenching on 9 lines.  They do
>use one Induction Heating line, but do not realize the long term
>cost/environmental benefits of using this technology, or if they do, are
>more concerned with the capital investment (they probably spent @ $2-$3
>million for their only line).  We want to show them induction heating is a
>feasible option.
>Does anybody have case studies and actual cost justifications comparing
>these two methods of heat treating?
>Thanks in advance.
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