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Metal Coolant Waste

Please reply to p2tech@great-lakes.net and cc mark.johnson@lcra.org . 
Can someone assist this individual?
An industrial  facility has a machine shop with several large metal cutting
tools, they use a coolant that is collected and decanted every 6 months or
so.   The decanted coolant is allowed to sit for 2-3 days so that tramp oil
can be skimmed and recovered from the top and coolant can be
recovered/regenerated and reused.   Solids are removed after the coolant has
been recovered and managed as a hazardous waste.
The machine shop has decided to clean out all coolant and use a new product.
The product has "split" and bacterial growth and  is being observed.  The
product was removed from sumps and placed in a decanting tank for 2-3 days
(the bacterial growth was bad).  
After decanting tramp oil, the coolant was drummed and sampled.   The
coolant was found to be characteristically hazardous for lead.    The
coolant itself is water soluble and does not exhibit any hazardous
characteristics.   The source of lead is believed to be from cutting metals.
The facility has decided not to manage the coolant as a hazardous waste as
it still could be reused despite the lead.  The material will be placed back
into the cutting machine sumps and will be used until they can find away to
remove the lead in the metal coolant waste via a closed loop/batch process.
Then they will remove completely and change to a new product.  
The facility is a CESQG - the generation of this hazardous waste would make
them a LQG - not something they want.  Any ideas on how to prevent/remove
the lead from building up in the coolant is welcome
Are there any filtration systems available or any other shops with similar
equipment that have resolved the issue.  Attached is the info on the decant
Technical data - Coolant is Blasocut 2000
Lead value is 168 ppm
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