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Re: Seeking P2/Compliance Assistance Expert Systems andElectronic Reporting Tools

We have a Waste Designation Matrix.  It is simply a series of HTML pages that guide people through the process of classifying their waste.


Not sure if our searcheable list of recyclers is an expert system...really it is more of a directory.

Tomas Vinson

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Disclaimer:  Regulatory guidance  e-mails are provided to quickly get you an answer to legal requirements.  They are not a substitute for compliance with the regulation, but guidance based on the best information available to the staff of TNRCC at the time.

>>> "Butner, R Scott" <scott.butner@pnl.gov> 05/22/02 11:21AM >>>
As part of our support to the National Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse (
www.epa.gov/clearinghouse/ <http://www.epa.gov/clearinghouse/> ) we are
trying to track down online or CD-based P2 or compliance assistance tools
that fall into the following categories:
Expert Systems/Wizards/Advisors:  In this category, we are looking for tools
which aid a user in some task -- determining regulatory status, identifying
P2 options, designing greener products, etc -- through the use of expert or
knowledge-based systems approaches, i.e., using a logic tree or inference
engine coupled with dialogs to elicit information from the user.  Prime
examples that come to mind include the SAGE/CAGE series of P2 tools (
http://cage.rti.org/ <http://cage.rti.org/>  and http://sage.rti.org/ 
<http://sage.rti.org/> ) that RTI has developed in support of EPA, or OSHA's
workplace hazard advisor (
<http://www.osha-slc.gov/dts/osta/oshasoft/hazexp.html> ).
Electronic Reporting:  In this category, we are looking for tools which aid
the user in preparing and/or submitting information required for compliance
with one or more environmental reporting requirements.  Well-known examples
include the EPA's TRI ME  ( http://www.epa.gov/tri/report/trime/ 
<http://www.epa.gov/tri/report/trime/> ) and RMP-Submit (
<http://www.epa.gov/swercepp/ds-epds.htm#RMP%20Submit> ) software tools.  In
the P2 world, I have recently seen a demo of some neat work that TNRCC is
doing which facilitates P2 plan preparation, but am not aware of any fully
deployed/realized systems for P2 planning.
I am particularly interested in things happening at the state and regional
level, since we are reasonably familiar with many of the EPA-based tools.
If anyone has suggestions of tools we might want to include in our listing,
I would appreciate hearing about them.
Scott Butner ( scott.butner@pnl.gov <mailto:scott.butner@pnl.gov> )
Senior Research Scientist, Data & Knowledge Engineering Group
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
MS K6-04
PO Box 999, Richland, WA  99352
(509)-372-4946 voice/(509)-372-4995 fax
 <http://www.chemalliance.org/> http://www.chemalliance.org/ 

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