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Hello P2-Techies,

The Pharmaceutical Workgroup of the Interagency Regulatory Analysis Committee is compiling data about drug wastes.  The focus is on wastes generated by small quantity generators such as hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, veterinarians and animal hospitals.  All drug wastes are of interest, whether they are available over-the-counter, by prescription only (legend drugs), or are controlled substances.  Our focus is on those drug wastes generated because of shelf-life expiration, leftover partial doses or unused medications (issues concerning drugs that enter the environment through human or animal consumption are beyond the scope of this workgroup). 

If you have information about the following: 

Please contact:
Alice Chapman
King County Hazardous Waste
130 Nickerson St, Suite 100
Seattle, WA  98109
ph  206-263-3058
fax 206-263-3070

Thanks, ac