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examples of CP/P2 review in pre-investment planning?

Forwarded on behalf of Mr. Gilbert Jackson.  Please reply to p2tech@great-lakes.net

Burt :

Suggest you contact AICHE in NYC www.aiche.org, hte institute of industrial
engineers www.iienet.org;, EnviroDaemon at njit.edu/njtap/ or McGraw -Hill
on textbooks and software packages for E2/CP/P2 designed "greenfield"
plants.  There is a lot of good refences in the engineering literature.
Another place to go would be to the web search engines for the manufacturing
SIC code of the particular industry in question--but you already know that.
There are numerous design courses in Universities that seek to incorporate
the latest thinking for a completely zero discharge/P2/CP plant based upon
BAT and BPT of the EPA -Effluent guidelines programs which can be somewhat
enlightened. Let me know if you need more help. How is Peru?  Best Regards,
"Jackson, Gilbert" <GiJackson@usaid.gov>