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Re: Ozone as wastewater treatent

Title: Re: Ozone as wastewater treatent

Ozone works reasonably well at removing dilute organic contaminants from wastewater. It will NOT remove metallic contaminants, however. For that you should consider membrane filtration or chemical precipitation technologies. One advantage of membrane filtration is that it will remove both organic and inorganic contaminants. There are some chemical compatibility issues with certain organics so make sure you verify compatibility before you commit. Ion exchange would work for metals removal, but the ion exchange resins are subject to fouling by other contaminants that may be present, so be careful if this is your preferred approach. Also, this technology tends to have a higher operating cost than either membrane filtration or chemical precipitation.


I am looking for a way to purify metal cleaning wastewater so that it may be reused, and I have been in contact with an ozone distributor who is touting ozone as able to (partially, at least) deal with most contaminants.  Without going into all the details of our system, has anyone had any experience with using ozone to treat wastewaters?