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RE: DOE Industrial Assessment Centers

Yes Cindy, we here in Florida Central District P2 office of the Department of
Environmental Protection  worked with the University of Central Florida  -
Industrial Engineering Department or whatever it was called, and had them do
an energy assessment for our client. It was funded by the DOE program.  It
was an excellent experience. They sent in an audit  team of students and
professors. The professors had been doing energy assessements for 10 to 12
years. The did a great job, made some very useful money saving
recommendations. Produced a written report with recommendations and even gave
the client a free copy of a software program that they could use to compare
the energy efficiency of various brands of new machinery they might consider
purchasing in future. All for no charge. 
It was a good experience.
Deborah MacCormac
FDEP - Orlando 
P2 and Special Projects.

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	Has anyone out there partnered with a university-based DOE Industrial
	Assessment Center (IAC) in your state?  There is a network of 26 IACs
	around the country that exist to provide energy and waste reduction
	assessments for businesses through faculty and student help.  I am
	on a proposal jointly with our Univ of MN Mechanical Engineering Dept
	bring an IAC to Minnesota, and am wondering about your experience
with how
	this worked, any problems you ran into, how you meshed P2 with E2 in
	assessments, respective roles you played as a P2 TA provider compared
	the academic dept, whether you got the results you were shooting for,
	any other tidbits you might have as I work my way through this
	this month.
	Thanks, Cindy
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